Massage/Energy Work/Sauna

Swedish Massage

Deep Pressure

Hot Stone


Lomi Lomi





Cost of Services

Swedish Massage

30 min $65

60 min $95

90 min $120

120 min $150

Add on’s $25 (listed below)

CBD added to massage

Deep Pressure

Hot Stones

Lomi Lomi




Mini Facial

Paraffin Dip

Gem Stone Therapy with energy

Specialty Therapies

Crystal Infused Skin Care Therapeutic Facial $105

Crystal Infused Therapeutic Facial with massage and acupressure. Get a cleanse, scrub, mask, moisturizer, toner, and serum with hot towels and massage to neck, head, shoulders, hands, and feet. 60 min

Caribbean Paradise Massage $225

Lomi-Lomi, with trigger points and hot stone massage with coconut oil and aromatherapy. Next a Therapeutic facial all done to the music of the islands. Then end with a hand scrub and paraffin hand dip. 120 min

Aromatherapy Sea Salt Scrub with Massage $185

Start with a 30 min massage, next a sea salt with essential oils is scrubbed onto the body, you will then be wrapped in a warm blanket, salt will be removed with hot towels. This massage and wrap helps detoxify, smooth skin, relieve joint pain, promote circulation and soften stretch marks. 90 min

Infrared Sauna
40 min $45

Infrared is an invisible form of energy that is accepted by the body as heat. It is that deep inner warmth feeling when standing in the sun. Our visible spectrum goes from red up through violet, the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Infra-red means “below red” just like ultraviolet (UV) means “above violet”. A FAR infrared sauna uses the far part of the spectrum. These two parts of the spectrum, are both invisible, yet they still have a very different effect on the body.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and sweating, the body’s internal cooling system, is the most natural and effective way to detoxify. In addition, infrared sauna therapy promotes excellent cardiovascular conditioning and weight loss. This is achieved by increasing your heart rate by 50-75% while in our saunas which, in turn, burns real calories.


In the last 35 years, extensive research has been conducted by Japanese and European doctors on the therapeutic benefits of infrared radiant heat. In addition, methods to induce fevers and sweating have been used for centuries to bring improved health and relief from disease.

  •  In order to maintain your comfort, and the sanitation of our saunas, towels are provided for every session. One large towel must be used underneath you.
  • Place towels in the laundry bins as you exit your suite.
  • Remove all footwear prior to entering the sauna.
  • Sauna doors are made of glass – please handle with care.
  • Do not pour water on the heaters. Infrared saunas are intended to provide dry heat therapy.
  • We highly recommend showering soon after your sauna session, as you should remove the toxins from the surface of your skin. However, you will continue to sweat for about an hour if you choose to wait.
  • In an effort to maintain a peaceful, pleasant, and healthy environment for all our guests we respectfully request that all cell phones be turned off and conversations quieted before entering the suites.
  • If you choose to sauna with a friend or loved one, please keep conversations and/or music to a considerate volume.
  • If at any point in your session you feel uncomfortable with the heat, you have complete control and should open the door to cool off. This experience should be calming, rejuvenating and wonderful!
  • Refrain from spraying any perfume while in your suite.
  • Do not apply any oils on your body while sweating in the sauna
  • Please take all personal belongings with you. Jenerate Wellness is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Arrive hydrated, stay hydrated and re-hydrate after your session!
  • Consult your doctor – Individuals with certain medical conditions may be disqualified from using the saunas.

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