3 Price options to choose from.

1 Room for $250

3 rooms for $600

6 rooms for $1000

*additional rooms after 6 $150 each

A Variety of types to choose from


Let us design your business lobby, offices, retail area, or service rooms. Let your business be a place of amazing ambiance where clients feel comfortable in and want to come back for more.

-Home Office or Video Staging Area

Everyone wants a home office or video staging area where we feel at ease and with flow. We want our audience to want to cone back for more. If you do live video or just work from a home office we can design you space.


We all want a home that looks like we walked into a magazine. We want a home that flows well, is organized, is the place people want to entertain, and makes us feel simply amazing to be in.

-Staging for Home Sale

 We can help you get your home staged so you can get top dollar and sell quickly with multiple offers. Homes that are staged sell faster and for more money. The buyer needs to see themselves living in the space and want to move in.


-Home Bonus

You will receive an “All about the ambiance” package that explains the other aspects of home ambiance.

-Business Bonus

You will receive a “Business ambiance” package that explains the ambiance you need to keep your clients coming back for more.

-Home Office/Video Bonus

You will receive a “Video Ambiance or All about the Ambiance” Package depending on your design. The video Ambiance will have your clients want to view you over and over.